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Project Nova Is Dead.

The Pearl Abyss Q4 investors call brought out a little tidbit of information I wasn't expecting. I received a tweet informing me of news about Project Nova. . @noizygamer may want to keep an ear on that Pearl Abyss earnings call today. We have some Project Nova developments. — Neckbeard Nixon­čĺČ (@JadekMenaheim) February 13, 2020 Yes, the screen grab shows CCP Rattati of Project Nova fame letting everyone know about the future of Project Nova. Basically, that the concept of an FPS game set in a sci-fi universe had morphed into a third person shooter/MMO. I've transcribed the words from the image, which I believe are snippets from a Discord conversation, below. Greetings Dear Friends, I want to tell you some news before they break, later today probably. We are evolving the scope of Nova beyond our previous plans for early access, and the development will continue in our London studio. I am personally optimistic about this, but

Patch 5.2, Finishing AAR Gathering Quests, And The Fashion Report

Tomorrow Square Enix introduces patch 5.2, Echoes of a Fallen Star, for Final Fantasy XIV . I like the way that SE lays out the patch notes , with hyper-links to the various sections. The patch notes also have labels indicating whether the changes apply to the base game, Heavensward , Stormblood , Shadowbringers , or some combination thereof. While I bought all the expansions, I'm still in the base game's content and will be for some time to come. I decided to list my top 5 changes. Free Company rank cap increased. The maximum rank for free companies has been increased from 8 to 30. The new FC entitlements are: Rank 10 - Increases the number of company chest compartments to four. Rank 12 - Increases the maximum number of inactive company actions. Rank 15 - Increases the number of company chest compartments to five. Rank 18 - Increases the maximum number of inactive company actions. Rank 20 - Increases the maximum number of inactive company actions. Increasing the number of ran

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Pearl Abyss Q4 2019 Investors Call

On Thursday morning Seoul time, Pearl Abyss held an investor call to discuss the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2019. But first the presentation went over the entire year. Pearl Abyss 2019 Financial Information Operating revenue for 2019 was 33% more than in 2018. Throughout 2019, one of Pearl Abyss' main goals was to diversify its revenue sources. PA moved into the console market in 2019 with launches of Black Desert Online onto the Xbox One and Playstation 4. In Q4 2019, console sales made up 9% of the company's revenue. Pearl Abyss also sought to make itself a company with a global reach. BDO launched on the Xbox One in North America and Europe in March and the PS4 in August. Black Desert Mobile entered the Japanese market in February and went global in December. November also saw EVE Online expand into Korea with the launch of a Korean language client. The share of revenue from outside Korea increased from 55% in Q4 2018 to 74% in Q4 2019. The list of expan

EVE Online's February 2020 Patch, Guardian's Gala, And Mining Changes

The patch notes for the February 2020 release came out with the patch on Tuesday. Most of the changes won't affect my play, and I'll note the few occasions they do. While CCP didn't give much lead time for some of the changes,  the developers did publish a dev blog on Friday with information on two of the bigger features, wormhole connection changes and the Guardians' Gala. The biggest change, teased in the dev blog, was an increase in the connections between wormholes. The patch notes spelled out the change in more details. Wandering wormhole connections (excluding to Thera and Shattered) have had their presence increased Wandering C5 and C6 connections to null sec have had their presence increased New wandering connections between C4, C5 and C6 wormhole systems have been introduced Wormholes are also receiving some love during the Guardians' Gals event. GUARDIAN'S GALA This year, the Guardian's Gala - the annual get together for the Angel Cartel and Serp